Ravenloft 2017 (Whitebox Gothic)

Enter Simon.. the Hunter!


Keegan the Monster Hunter – Ryan
Nimush the Spiritualist – Rachel
Simon the Dhampir – Jesse

Nimush has come out of her meditative trance and rejoins Keegan in the Ram and Mallet, while Simon Mignolet and Nasi continue their studies at Guillaume’s townhouse.

Shortly thereafter, a stranger enters the Ram clad in rather ostentatious red leather armor. Moments later, a young woman enters and recites the story of a serving girl pursued on the streets of Mordentshire by a strange wild-eyed night creature. Though unharmed, the poor girl, Katie McGilroy, was terrified and barely escaped to her job at the Wellington House outside Mordentshire.

Simon the Hunter (as the new stranger was called) met Nimush and Keegan and then retired. The next night, Sioban the serving girl reported a strange creature that had crawled around the outside of their serving girls’ quarters, though again no one was harmed. The strange creature matched Katie’s description, including the exotic “devil’s hat” tipped with the broken circle ( a corruption of Uther’s holy circle.)

At this point, Simon the Hunter urged Mrs Cooper to try to get a bounty for this creature, which was set at 100 sp. He enlisted the aid of Nimush and Keegan who joined him in staking out the Wellington estate where the girls worked. Keegan and Nimush watched from the stables while Simon watched from the garden.

During their stakeout, a strange carriage appeared and the heavily cloaked driver beckoned them nearer. Keegan approached bravely and found an enevelope in the carriage, which invited them to enter and ride to meet the mysterious individual who had signed the letter as “E.H.” After conferring, the trio decided NOT to go in the carriage and instead to stick with their stakeout. The carriage asked Keegan if he should call for him another time and Keegan told him to find him at the Ram and Mallet. The PCs resumed their stakehout.

Later that night, they spotted a shape crawling about on the servants’ quarters ( a detached building) and made their way to find the interloper, but found no one. Nimush talked with the girls and tried to convince them to keep the windows shut above all else. Shortly after this, they heard some scrambling in the woods and Nimush and Keegan rushed into the forest to find the source. They found a scene of violence and Keegan managed to track his quarry, finding Simon there. But it was much more than just Simon— a Spider Hag was waiting for them, and threatened to abuse their true names (she had overheard them talking) if they didn’t find the hair of a virgin girl to appease her. A short combat ensued in which Simon dove out of a tree onto the hag before they managed to gang up and destroy her.

The PCs also found 4 dead girls’ bodies spider-cocooned in the tree, devoid of hair but otherwise intact. They buried the girls and sanctified the ground as best they could before burning the hag’s remains, which turned into a foul-smelling smoke when they poured holy water on it. While they did this, Simon the Hunter disappeared yet again.

Making their way back to the Wellingtons’ estate, the patriarch ordered them off his land. The trio made their way back to the Ram and Mallet separately. Nimush and Keegan were surprised when Simon appeared with the “devil’s hat” that Katie and Siobhan had both reported and claimed the bounty! Mrs. Cooper took them to the Mayor’s house where the mayor (Samuel Stowe) reluctantly accepted the hat as proof and paid the 100 sp.

Simon the Hunter left town with Keegan and Nimush and at his makeshift camp outside of Mordentshire, Simon revealed that he was “the monster” all along, a charlatan acting out this ruse in order to hunt the creature and claim the bounty! Keegan at first refused his silver, but they finally made amends and Simon agreed to consider helping them again. They split up the silver and Keegan also sold his gold nugget he had found int he Fallows house.

Keegan and Nimush seemed to be set to wait for the approach of the mysterious carriage, curious as to where it would lead…


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