Ravenloft 2017 (Whitebox Gothic)

The House of Torrance Fallows


Keegan the Monster Hunter (Ryan)

Nasrat Ali Khan (Trevor)

Simon Mignolet (Todd)

The session picked up with the three companions seeking to learn more about Napier's death and considering whether to aid James Fallows by investigating his cousin's house.

Returning to Napier's house, Simon utterly charmed the sage's housekeeper, Mme Laforge, and she agreed to let them stay there with her as long as they wanted (until such time that the property will be sold, revert to the village, etc.)  They investigated further but found little of value. Simon did find that the reference in Napier's journals to the "Plaguebloom" would appear to reference a very rare and dangerous type of flower that is so toxic that a few blossoms could poison a whole community.  They also ascertained that the "B.W." referred to in the journals must be the "Black Widow" of Borca and that perhaps the strange "Spanish-looking" gentleman at the inn was from Borca.

Finally, they met with Fallows and agreed to investigate his cousin's house.  They scouted the grounds and Fallows offered them their choice of rewards:  They could either take the property or the contents of the house, whichever they preferred.  Briefly. they returned to town to acquire some holy symbols, rejected from both the larger temple of Sacred Weeping Uther and the smaller temple of Holy Dessication.  Fortunately for all involved, Mme Laforge loaned the party her own tin painted holy symbol and allowed them to use Napier's.  Thus after a large meal and a good night's sleep, they returned in the morning to enter the Fallows estate.

Wary of being locked into an evil house, the party removed the doors from all the entrances, save the Northern side door, which they spked open.  Entering from the rear door that looked out on the overgrown garden, they found the first floor mostly empty.  Looking back to make sure that the doors had not somehow shut them in, they discovered that the world beyond the house now appeared to be a torn, twisted hellscape.  Looking through the next window, they saw a blasted arctic plain.  The next door showed the desert where Ali Khan had camped and lost his family to a dragon; the next door showed  Keegan's home village  (Ali Khan who had known Keegan in this time, and recognized the village, did not share this.)  The Southern side door showed a strange amulet on a pedestal— perhaps the very sort of thing Simon was seeking in order to bolster his power.

The rest of the first floor was quiet, though Nasrat did discover a severed head boiling in the kitchen's hearth-cauldron, which narrowly missed vomiting boiling water all over him.   They decided to explore the second and third levels before venturing into the wine cellar.  

The second floor was largely empty, but the third floor had a large attic sewing gallery.  One lit candle perched on a table, and as they entered, it fell into a pile of old dry fabric.  They tried to put out the flames (2 critically failed rolls!) but failed miserably and finally ran back down to the first floor, hoping to find the secret in the cellar before the entire house burnt down around them!

There they found a strange imp with Torrance Fallow's head and a whip made of human tongues, aided by two undead domestics.  The many adventurers who had already perished in the house had been hung alongside the cellar walls, trying to grab anyone who came too close.   A short combat ensued with Ali Khan mightily smiting the imp (critical hit) with both his staff and a holy symbol they had found elsewhere in the house.

As the house was burning down quickly, they quickly fled the scene; after the demon perished, the way looked clear to return to their world. 

Treasure:  Ali Khan found a signet ring emblazoned with a stylized   and also they found some raw gold nuggets int he servants' quarters, as well as what appears to be a valuable gold-plated holy symbol.


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